Completed Projects


Afghanistan (Theater-wide)

PROBLEM:  NATO Air Command-Afghanistan / Combined Security Transition Command – Afghanistan had a need to provide flexible, reliable, safe commercial air movement for the Afghan National Defense Security Forces (ANDSF) via the Afghan Air Force (AAF) to enhance operational support throughout Afghanistan.  The majority of the AAF Mi-17 fleet is operating at low capacity as the AAF continues to build their air assets with the current capacity not meeting the requirements for resupply, Casualty Evacuations (CASEVAC), and Human Remains movement (HR). The contract was tried twice before by other providers, but failed because the provider failed to meet contractual requirements due to the challenging nature of the mission.

SOLUTION:  MAG Logistics deployed 6 Mi-8 helicopters to Afghanistan and in a 9-month period, MAG Logistics has flown 1,712 hours, moved 50,227 kilograms of cargo, and transported 4,849 passengers.

RESULTS:  MAG Logistics – Afghan Airlift alleviates the heavy burden placed on AAF air assets to perform air movements (passenger and cargo transport, CASEVAC, and HR) and makes them available to perform their primary missions.