Aviation Training Services

MAG utilizes U.S. Military Training Standards/Tasks/Doctrine in conjunction with specific platform OEM standards as a “backbone” for a tailored training solution.

To address our customers’ requirements, we

• Analyze the unique aspects of the customer’s mission, infrastructure, and personnel.
• Design a baseline program rooted in US Military and OEM standards optimized for schedule efficiencies.
• Develop a tailored program combining our customer analysis with baseline standards.
• Implement a tailored cost efficient training program with defined mission focused training metrics.
• Evaluate the training program constantly through testing and metrics analysis to find any needed improvement.

Each customer’s specific situation is unique: unique to their mission, unique to their aviation infrastructure and unique to their personnel.

Our Goal

MAG’s ultimate goal is to provide training that is safe, effective and sustainable.

• The training must be conducted to a standard that ensures the safety of both the instructors and instructed to prevent loss of life and equipment.

• The training must be tailored to those tasks that are mission essential to making the customer effective.

• The training provided must be at a level and using materials that can be sustained by the customer after we are gone.

Our Services

• We provide aviation aircrew operational support and training on Non-Standard Rotary Wing (SR2T) helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft.

• We provide maintenance and logistics operational support and training on NSRW helicopters and Fixed Wing Aircraft.

• We have developed a proprietary methodology for providing Aviation Foreign Internal Defense (AVFID) Support and Training for partner nations.

• We can execute this mission in any Area of Operations, and provide a SAFE-EFFECTIVE-SUSTANABLE technical solution that is tailored to each customer’s mission and aviation infrastructure.