Regional Contract Aviation for Law Enforcement

MAG’s experienced team has proven performance in using technology to deliver situational awareness to solve the nation’s and world’s toughest challenges. MAG brings together operational excellence, technical expertise, and flawless execution led by former military and law enforcement professionals.

Aviation Training

MAG utilizes U.S. Military Training Standards/Tasks/Doctrine in conjunction with specific platform OEM standards as a “backbone” for a tailored training solution. To address our customers’ requirements, we
• Analyze the unique aspects of the customer’s mission, infrastructure, and personnel.

C4/ISR Systems & Operations

MAG provides 24/7 command, control, communications, and IT services related to ISR systems worldwide ensuring the operational continuity of multiple UAS platform networks through maintenance and network support. MAG’s team of technical experts provides software and hardware upgrades to the systems it constantly monitors, managing systems security requirements and help desk support to military operators.

Unmanned Aircraft System

MAG UAS flight operations teams are comprised of highly experienced, multi-platform mission commanders, coordinators, and maintainers who support operations worldwide. Company field service representatives are deployed in combat zones and embedded with military forces. With extensive experience in the most demanding combat and peace keeping environments, MAG is capable of supporting the most demanding and critical UAS operations.

Manned Aerial Surveillance

MAG’s multi-mission experienced team brings proven operational performance through the application of leading sensor technologies to help you overcome your coastal, maritime, and situational awareness challenges.

MAG seamlessly blends operational excellence, technical platform and integrated sensor expertise, and flawless procedural execution to successfully meet our customers’ most critical surveillance needs.

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With over 400 elite operators and technical experts serving the needs of our international partners around the world; MAG is committed to:
• A relentless focus on setting our customers up for success while complying with host nation regulations and processes;
• Mastering and deploying leading edge game-changing sensor technologies;
• Self-sustained turnkey mission execution in any location, including in the world’s most austere locations.

Our Services

WE IMPLEMENT manned airborne ISR solutions to provide situational awareness to our customers so they can make key decisions.
WE OPERATE mutli-mission manned airborne ISR platforms with complex mission systems to develop usable products that shorten the decision cycle for our customers.
WE TRAIN customers to operate manned airborne ISR platforms to maximize the capabilities of existing or newly procured equipment.


Special Mission Training

MAG’s special mission training division provides training in a variety of important fields. The skills that our qualified instructors and operators teach are essential to mission success.  The support we are capable of providing for your team includes instruction, planning, debriefing, technical and tactical training, and operational support. An added benefit is that our team provides all of its own tactical equipment or can easily integrate external customer equipment into our airframes.

“We get the crew in a heightened readiness status when MAG is flying because we know “they will find something for us to pursue.”
– Commanding Officer, US Navy Warship