Our Services

We operate, maintain, manage, and evaluate Command & Control and ISR network systems

Communication Systems

MAG provides 24/7 command, control, communications, and IT services related to ISR systems worldwide ensuring the operational continuity of multiple UAS platform networks through maintenance and network support. MAG’s team of technical experts provides software and hardware upgrades to the systems it constantly monitors, managing systems security requirements and help desk support to military operators. In addition, MAG offers information assurance and systems administration support, allowing remote UAS systems to operate seamlessly with control center operators. Through MAG’s systems administration capabilities, the company enables analysts to apply to complex data sets gathered from deployed UAS to ensure that its technical teams are ready to react to any mission requirements or unforeseen challenges. Utilizing MAG’s work managing UAS IT systems, we are able to seamlessly support CONUS-based and forward-deployed operational units worldwide.

System Support

• System and network engineering & admin
• Configuration Management
• Audio visual/video teleconferencing
• Experimentation & innovation management
• Radio and data link technical support
• Information Assurance & Accreditation • Lifecycle Sustainment • SCIF network design and accreditation

System Support

• GCS Maintenance & Operations
• Line of sight / beyond line of sight  communication
• Long Haul Communication
• Fixed and mobile GCS bed-down
Host country landing rights &  frequency clearance