Momentum Causes & Initiatives

The heart of our business philosophy.

We Choose To Leave The World
A Better Place Than We Found It

Momentum strives for sustainable excellence across all of our activities. We believe that the only businesses that will succeed in the long term are those that are willing to actively seek out solutions to the world’s problems. Our desire to be part of the global solution includes environmental awareness training, LEED Certification, participatory practices, long term planning, development of environmentally friendly technologies and transparent working procedures.

Social development activities are crucial to long term sustainability. Our desire to provide lasting legacies for the communities in which we work has led us to the provision of training for local workforces in every single project we deliver, and increasing construction skill sets for the participants that build a worker’s capacity to secure long term employment. We use highly developed participatory skills to set up meaningful and long term relationships with all stakeholders involved in or affected by our work.

We seek local solutions for local problems as these work better in the long run.Our work means we are exposed, first-hand, to communities that are affected by war, natural disaster and remoteness, which desperately need the support of the international community to drive progress and positive change. We do whatever we can to improve the lives of those around us, and those further away.

We create employment and training opportunities, we invest in the areas where we work, and we support charitable causes that make a difference. We make donations of medicines, such as over USD$ 1 million donated to support the typhoon relief efforts in the Philippines, and for the children of Somalia in June 2015. We are active in our community and our staff regularly volunteer their time to making a difference. In addition to charity and relief efforts, we operate various programs in different parts of the world to engage and enrich our communities, as part of our Social Responsibility. Some of our most successful programs include Ciano Emprendedores, where we develop and support local food suppliers, FLIGA, which concentrates on the Training of Leaders in Food Management to University upper-graduates (practices and technical assistance), and Vida Segura, which is a workshop operating in Peru which focuses on training and awareness of all aspects of the food service industry. Our programs offer self-development prospects to our customers, employees, suppliers and communities.

Momentum’s team is committed to supporting the local communities where we are engaged. Our teams are embedded with local partners to deliver projects that add value and new skill sets directly to the people benefiting from the infrastructure we are providing.

One of the pillars of Momentum’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) framework is a focus on identifying opportunities within our programs to drive added value for all stakeholders.

Momentum Employees Assist The Local Hearing Impaired With The Deaf School Project In Lome Togo

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Grumesa School Project

Grumesa School Project is a Momentum CSR initiative linking the youth community of the UAE with the students of Grumesa. Students from the UAE have leveraged their school and sports networks to collect donations of sports and school supplies to be shipped to the Grumesa school. Momentum is collaborating by covering the logistics and administrative costs of shipping the items to Ghana and sponsoring the visit of a UAE student representative to receive and deliver the goods to Grumesa school.