Preeminent Provider

Momentum Solutions is a preeminent provider of telecommunication and Internet services in austere and conflict environments. The core objective of our Communications team is to keep remote communities and facilities connected to the world, via the Internet and regular voice services.

Communication Systems

Through our communication systems, we enable our customers’ headquarters to communicate with their remote branches, avoiding the expensive costs of international and/or satellite calls. We deliver solid Broad Band Services around the world and provide an important welfare service for the organizations’ employees through easy to deploy infrastructure that can be installed anywhere.

Best Value

Not only do we install and operate the leading technologies and systems, we ensure that they represent best value. We understand the market needs and our solutions are based on Open Source technology, enabling our customers to reduce their operating costs significantly. WiMAX 4G allows the creation  of a wireless network, which also reduces costs on the construction of trenching, wiring, and lifecycle maintenance. It is true non-line of sight technology, unlike Wi-Fi systems, making signal interference zero.

Secure Communications

We are a RIPE certified company, operating our Communications Division from our proprietary 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC). Our Teleport is trusted by the United States and other government agencies around the world.

Using our Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) at 512-bit, military personnel can operate online in the securest environment achievable, backed by an unrivalled transmission protocol. The highest quality video, voice, and data speeds with almost zero throughput latency are hallmarks of our service.

Trusted Provider

For over a decade, U.S. Forces and Allies have trusted our communication services, including on the front line of combat, where failure is not an option. Our cost efficient solutions never compromise on quality. We provide secure networks which are both reliable and robust, meeting the most demanding military standards. Whether a facility requires full area coverage, or single point access, we guarantee the best solutions and services available.

True Solutions

Whatever your communications needs, call on our experts for true solutions. We stock all equipment necessary to enable our customers to connect within 24 hours of requesting or sooner when necessary. We are a member of the Communication Department of Internet Service Provider Folder number 1708; the Registry for the Communication Operators number 13651; the Registry of the Providers for the United Nations number 26164; the NAMSA Registry of providers for NATO, number 4000040479; and of the RIPE NCC.

We have what it takes to get you online, securely, and efficiently