Project Management

Project management is crucial to the success of your projects, and we are highly experienced at managing large scale construction and logistic projects in war affected regions. Key to our strategy is assigning individuals with specialized project-specific knowledge, and our program management consultants serve as an integral part of each project team.

Contracts And Procurement

Whether it’s an airport, energy, port, rail, road or water project, at any construction stage, our knowledge and experience of procurement strategy development, procurement delivery and contract administration will ensure that the project delivers on all its commitments and creates real value for the customer.

Business Development

Let us find you your next big project – and secure it. At Momentum Solutions we have spent countless hours analyzing companies and matching perfect projects that best utilize the customer’s equipment and staff, or yield highest return on investment. A part of the business development is the expansion of the brand, and strengthening of marketing. We have successfully grown our customers’ business, and operate on a commission basis.

Operations Consultancy

We have one of the most experienced, trusted and proven management and operation teams in any of our markets, for the industries in which we operate. We lend our experience to our customers to improve and enhance the operational functions and systems. As each company requires different ingredients for success, we first study and understand the business in full before advising changes to any process.

Set Up

Opening an office in any city is a hard task if you want to do it properly. Understanding local laws and legislation can be a challenge, and information hard to access. At Momentum Solutions we specialize in making entry into the hardest markets, easy. Not only do we get our customers licensed, but we handle everything, including finding the perfect office, furnishing the office, sourcing and installing their infrastructure and equipment, and finding them the top staff. We have the latest satellite systems that can prove to be an immediate communication solution for any company, anywhere. All required pre-launch services are offered by Momentum Solutions.