We develop agile, flexible logistics and transportation solutions that deliver to our customers’ needs, and our own. We specialize in supporting time-sensitive transportation requirements in non-permissive and hostile environments, for customers seeking reliability and efficiencies within their supply chains and deployments.

For when you absolutely must receive your cargo on time, regardless of environment, you can count on us. Our team has seen its fair share of extraordinary circumstances. Over the last 25 years we’ve transported people and equipment all over the world for militaries, governments, NGOs, and commercial organizations.

Our team has successfully met customer needs during the world’s most devastating disasters, crises and wars, often within a 24-hour window.

We’ve done what many would consider the impossible, and these experiences have allowed us to serve any customer, and meet their needs, professionally and reliably. Every time.

Whether a small passenger movement or a large scale extraction, a shipment of relief cargo or aerospace equipment, our team will provide you with innovative solutions that will exceed your organization’s expectations.

Our logistics expertise is driven by innovation. We established MAG Logistics to support our clients and enhance our global support projects, which further provides synergies and cost savings to our clients and partners. We work hard to make our transport and logistics solutions sustainable – that way, we deliver benefit every time, with every single link in the supply chain.

Air Cargo

With our extensive experience with Eastern and Western fixed-wing and rotary aircraft, our team can provide you with the most suitable aircraft for your needs. The hundreds of successful missions our team has been involved with.

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Momentum’s Logistics Division provides air cargo charter services for:
• Commercial goods
• Heavy and oversized cargo
• Food and water supplies
• Peacekeeping and Humanitarian Relief Cargo
• Oil and Gas Equipment
• Aerospace and Automotive Equipment
• Overflight permits and flight planning


Passenger Charters

Momentum Logistics provides passenger charter services for governments, NGOs, commercial customers, VIP travel and other customers. Our experience and industry relationships have allowed us the benefit of providing our customers with the right aircraft for their operation and budget, no matter where their airport of departure or destination.

The operators we provide have been pre-selected to meet the highest quality, service and safety in the industry. We’ve worked with our partner operators for many years and our relationships and buying power allows us to offer their aircraft more economically than our competition.

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