Momentum Solutions is a private equity backed, Toronto based, inter-connected global network of leading strategic support companies. Our portfolio provides a diverse and specialized range of solutions to overcome long-term project challenges, and to establish efficiencies which drive bottom-line results and a competitive advantage for customers.

We leverage our brands and their capabilities within our active industries, for some of the world’s largest publicly traded and most admired companies. Our network of companies is active in over 70 countries, solves complicated challenges anywhere, is respected for its people, partnership, and performance, and is committed to the design of tailored solutions which bring economies to any project through a collective and collaborative approach.

As well as the products and services we offer, we provide total opportunity support for our partners and customers, by teaming to establish exclusive, lowest cost and best value propositions for their clients. Momentum Solutions’ unique capabilities and local resources allow safe, sustainable, and successful transition into, and operations in, austere and war impacted countries.

Momentum Solutions’ resources are deployed to support global humanitarian and environmental causes, as well as empowering our overall commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility. Momentum Solutions’ actions include being first responders during many of the world’s most impactful disasters, such as the Philippines typhoon and the Fort McMurray, Canada, wildfires, donating pharmaceuticals to under- funded governments globally, including Somalia, and substituting products, wherever possible, with green alternatives within our supply chains. Ultimately, our actions are considered, and never place the needs of today, over those of tomorrow.

Our work creates conditions that foster peace-building and development. We generate local employment, transfer skills, and re-invest in to the states where we operate. It is essential for our efforts that the entry of Momentum Solutions into a region represents a positive transition for impacted civilians.

Our mission

Our mission is to be the acknowledged global leader and preferred partner helping our customers succeed and maximize program economies. Our purpose is to support our partners’ missions, ambitions and growth through superior customer service, innovation, efficiency and commitment.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the only partner of choice across all industries where we operate, to grow and enhance our services to the benefit of our customers, and to be admired for our people, partnerships and performance.