Retail And Duty Free

We are recognized as a world leading U.N, NATO and general duty-free retaileroperating in over 40 regions in 15 different countries.

We operate successfully within both standard and non-permissive environments, and have developed our own unique commercial concepts, tailored to match the purchasing preferences of civilian contractors and militaries in the extreme, non-permissive conditions and environments in which they operate and live.

We also provide a host of other retail and commercial services, including pizzerias, business centers, Internet cafes, supermarkets, spas, and gymnasiums.

We deliver our essential services from a host of diverse locations and regions, from the Catania–Fontanarossa Airport in Italy, to the United Nations regional hub in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Although geography diverse, quality and assortment range is consistent.

Through our main tax and duty-free, and specialist concept stores, we sell a wide variety of products with over 4,000 line items in our assortment including fragrance, wine and spirits, skincare, cosmetics, confectionery, food and groceries, electronics, accessories, clothes and souvenirs. We also stock every-day items, such as phone cards, and provide services such as money transfer and courier services. We are proud of staying ahead of our competitors in our offering of the most comprehensive range of products in our market place, and in our innovative approach to introducing new products. We have become one of the world’s benchmark retail operators because of our depth of understanding and response to the needs of customers, such as our introduction of electronic, remote online platforms for viewing and ordering any of our stocked items. This proprietary system enables authorized users to benefit from our products without the need to visit the physical location, or to order ahead of time.

We acknowledge that the current and future success of our retail and duty free operations depends on our ability to continue to create differential value as a retailer for customers, concession grantors and brand partners, by delivering the best consumer experience; and that is exactly what we deliver. Different geography, objectives, and culture demands a varied approach to implementation, assortments and commercial decisions in general. We tailor our strong global commercial model to each retail location and adapt our product offering, commercial offers and campaigns to specific destinations, creating a strong “sense of place”. For us, this means continuously reviewing and developing the core of our proposition: the store environments and range of products and brands, which are balanced with the constantly shifting trends in the market, and changing consumer needs. We use a customized point-of-sale system, integrated on to our global stock management systems, which ensures we maintain excellent levels of stock; supported by our warehousing and logistics capabilities.