Cyber Security

We provide top tier, advanced, customized and confidential cyber security services, cyber investigation services, and digital forensic services to governments, companies, and organizations.

Logistics & Transportation

We develop agile, flexible logistics and transportation solutions that deliver to our customers’ needs, and our own. We specialize in supporting time-sensitive transportation requirements in non-permissive and hostile environments, for customers seeking reliability and efficiencies within their supply chains and deployments.

Construction & Infrastructure

Momentum’s construction venture is fast becoming the recognized performance leader of the war-risk infrastructure industry. Our multi-disciplinary approach to the management of the business has helped spur rapid growth in our different sectors, supported by the development of humanitarian projects and foreign investment in this field.

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Simply put, Momentum’s SCM advises and manages the purchase, movement and storage of products, materials, and finished goods, from point of origin to point of consumption, across South America, North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. In reality, the supply chain is far more complicated, but in principle, this is what we do.

Momentum Solutions

We use commitment, leadership, technology and a culture of innovation to drive the evolution of our services. Innovation drives our actions, from the way we structure our relationships with suppliers in order to achieve sustainability and efficiency, to the way we recruit and reward our employees and the way that we interact with our customers.