Customers seeking the value of an integrated supply chain which brings procurement, transportation, inventory, quality, and financial processes under one platform can rely on Momentum to deliver the results they need.

We are ready and in place to provide our customers with the strategic advice and management of the purchase, movement and storage of products, materials and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption. Our divisions and services, such as procurement, logistics, warehousing and distribution are the critical components that enable our supply chain to exceed expectations and surpass the competition. We operate our supply chain across South America, North America, Europe, Africa and Asia, eliminating the non-value added processes and providing fully transparent financial accounting.

We have extensive experience in the supply chain management of a vast number of commodities including bonded items, food items, water, fuel, generators, camp supplies, medicines, construction materials, vehicles, spare parts, heavy equipment, general assortments for retail operations, and kitchen, security and communications equipment.

Our Supply Chain Division leverages our understanding, resources and networks to ensure that our customers’ supply chains provide the competitive advantage and flexibility they need to serve their customers’ fast-changing needs. Our analysis and recommendations for our customers’ supply chains are aimed at promoting sustainability and adding value and quality while identifying growth opportunities and acting on them. Our recommended changes are designed to bring the most value to each and every customer.

We operate in locations that are war-effected, offshore, austere, and often have minimal governance with ambiguous import/export and operating procedures. Our success solving these many operational challenges and the way in which we overcome them is what elevates us above our competitors. We excel at managing critical supply chains where disruption is not an option. With unparalleled access to a dedicated air-fleet we can charter emergency air-cargo delivery, and our team have done so for some of the world’s most famed cargo operations.

We are deeply invested in the growing markets in South America, Asia and Africa and are focusing on introducing market-leading supply chain solutions in these highly challenging environments. We bring fresh thinking and innovative ideas to any supply chain, responding intelligently to business change.

Fuel Supply

Our Supply Chain Management (SCM) includes our Toronto-based Fuel Supply Chain department which works to keep fuel costs under control and ensure our customers can maintain adequate inventory levels in complex environments.

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When operating in austere locations, fuel can become one of our customers’ greatest concerns. Our team has provided fuel services to organizations requiring large-scale fuel distribution in some of the world’s most troubled and non-permissive areas—for aircraft, ships, land vehicles, and power-generating equipment.

Our services include the setting up of remote fuel sites, operational management, procurement of the fuel, and secure distribution. We provide aviation fuel refilling at airports, and refilling stations for large fleets, typically for military and peacekeeping operations. We also develop long-term fuel sites to support areas with high fuel demand, and put together large-scale and long-term fuel supply agreements. We are industry leaders in the supply and management of aviation fuel, marine fuel, and standard/land fuels, which we move by air, land and sea.

From small scale to nation-wide operations, Momentum will support you with the fuel services needed, at the most competitive prices, so your missions can remain operational and efficient.


Food And Water, Beverage Supply

At Momentum Solutions, we have developed sustainable and comprehensive food supply chains to support our customers around the world who need high quality, healthy and fresh food supplies. Our customers count on us to deliver the most compliant and reliable consolidated food supply chain solutions possible because we have the proven experience and an extensive history of success providing these services

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Whether you are looking for a specific service or a complete food supply and distribution solution, our end-to-end global supply chain management solutions offer flexibility and accountability and a guarantee of transparency.

We customise all of our services to the objectives and geography of each customer, actively establishing new logistics routes and delivering goods where and when they are needed. Our customers include vessels, cruise liners, offshore oil rigs, military bases, academic institutions, and remote facilities.

We are specialists is developing solutions in hard to access regions providing end-to-end solutions which include:

  • Warehousing, distribution and fulfilment
  • International services
  • Transportation services
  • Value added services
  • Integrated technology