Completed Projects

UAS Training

Aviation Training, Afghanistan

PROBLEM: Afghan Security Forces require rotary wing tactical mobility and manned ISR to support Counterterrorism and Counternarcotics (CN/CT) missions.

SOLUTION: MAG deployed teams of instructor pilots, crews, mechanics, and logisticians to train, advise, and support the Afghan Special Mission Wing (SMW) within a 30 day transition period.

RESULTS: MAG has provided aircrew progression and Mission Qualification Training for the SMW, creating a fully qualified Day/Night Air Assault force capable of providing fully proficient mission support and planning to Afghan military special mission units. MAG has developed a tailored aircrew training program with both Afghan SMW and US military advisor buy in that is tailored specifically to the SMW’s mission and can be sustained for the long term. Additionally, MAG has provided surge maintenance capacity and training for the SMW and flight operations support (Armorers, ALSE Technicians, Flight Operations Personnel, Simulator Operators) to support both the operational and training mission for the SMW in theatre. MAG was able to setup the SMW Aircrew training program and maintenance capability in Kandahar in a 30 day period, 4 months ahead of scheduled implementation.

Development of the SMW Standardized Aircrew Training Program-“This as you know will be a major victory for the unit and a valuable tool for Gov/Contractor/SMW continuity for the foreseeable future of the SMW” — US SOAT CDR-MAR 2015

Standup of SMW Maintenance and Aircrew Training in Kandahar-“Just back from KAF to see the progress first hand, truly impressive, I hope to maintain this momentum IOT meet the requirements we discussed, thanks again to you and your team!” — US SOAG CDR-DEC 2014