MAG UAS flight operations teams are comprised of highly experienced, multi-platform mission commanders, coordinators, and maintainers who support operations worldwide. Company field service representatives are deployed in combat zones and embedded with military forces. With extensive experience in the most demanding combat and peace keeping environments, MAG is capable of supporting the most demanding and critical UAS operations.

In additions to operations expertise, MAG is a leading provider of UAS operator training programs for DoD Group 1-3 aircraft.  Instructors work hands-on with their students to provide a high-fidelity training environment for optimal student development.

MAG’s unmanned team brings proven operational performance through the application of leading unmanned platforms, communication systems and sensor technologies to provide situational awareness for personnel to analyze, inform, and provide the knowledge you need to prevent surprise, make decisions, and oversee operations.  

MAG seamlessly blends operational excellence, technical platform and integrated sensor expertise, and flawless procedural execution to successfully meet our customers’ most critical surveillance needs. MAG seamlessly provides, integrates, and operates unmanned technologies within the customer’s architecture to ensure the utmost confidence in the decisions they make.

MAG leverages over 400 elite operators and technical experts serving the needs of federal, local, and international partners around the world, to provide an unmanned solution that:

  • Empower our customers to maintain the decision advantage by providing situational awareness across the full spectrum of operations.
  • Ensure the right sensors are positioned at the right place, at the right time, while processing and disseminating the data to enhance the customer’s decision making.
  • Are self-sustained turnkey missions executed in any location, including in the world’s most austere locations.

Our Services

We operate, maintain, train, and evaluate all sizes of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS):


  • Instruction, courseware development, and  subject matter experts
  • Basic, Initial, Mission, and Instructor Upgrade Qualification Training
  • Mobile Training Team Support
  • Train partner country staff on UAS operations

Operations Support

  • Field Service Reps: Mission Coordinators,  Operators, and Maintainers
  • Ground Control Station (GCS) and  communications/datalink support
  • Flight operations and data analysis
  • Serve as contractor aviation advisors
  • System storage, inventory control, logistics  support and “forward repair activity”