Morale, Welfare, And Recreation (MWR)

Our MWR facilities encompass a wide variety of our networked or independently offered services at discounted rates or no cost, including sports facilities, gymnasiums, well-being, food and beverage outlets, entertainment, travel and leisure.

The MWR programs that we operate contribute to the retention, readiness, mental, physical and emotional well-being of forces, contractors, government employees, press and other residents and visitors, and their families. Our MWR activities are categorized as both appropriated funded (government) and non-appropriated funded (self-generated) activities.

We perform research to identify exactly which MWR services will best serve the needs of each location, and often introduce new amenities to maintain the satisfaction day in and day out of each and every resident and visitor. Some of our latest facilities include virtual golf 3D simulators, global OnDemand TV, and spa and beauty services.

Since 2015, Momentum has introduced digital services to better inform and serve the residents of communities where we operate the total MWR, including development of restricted access websites where residents can stay up-to-date with all planned activities, entertainment, opening-soon facilities, and more.

This platform also allows residents to request additional services and information, and to take advantage of social events and special offers.

The largest governments, militaries and organizations trust Momentum, with their people’s morale and welfare; time after time.