Great people are what makes great companies, great. To ensure that we find and retain the most talented staff, and continue to succeed in new markets, we have developed the most rewarding and effective identification, reporting, and incentive programs which we leverage for the benefit of our customers.

Total Staffing Solutions

Momentum Solutions’ Workforce Solutions venture offer a totally comprehensive service, responsible for all aspects of staffing for customers, which includes identifying, deploying, managing, and terminating all personnel required for any mission or project. Our workforce solutions result in substantial reductions to operating costs, we have saved customers millions of dollars on single project cycles.

Our Services include

Blue Collar Workforce Solutions

  • Recruitment of local and international blue collar staff
  • Unskilled temporary staffing solutions
  • Testing and assessment – language, skills, fitness and health
  • Vetting and certification – to military levels
  • Insurances – defense base act, 3rd party liability, and death in service
  • Medical insurances
  • Deployment management
  • Accommodation, transport, and food services
  • Country and region induction plans
  • On-site HR support – payroll and cash management
  • Rotational staff travel management
  • 24-7 staff support helpline
  • MedEvac and emergency evacuations

White Collar Workforce Solutions

  • Recruit, vet and deploy qualified professional, technical and managerial staff from United States and NATO countries
  • Offshore recruitment options
  • Management and support of remotely deployed staff
  • Specialized temporary staffing solutions
  • Daily on-the-job personnel management
  • Basic to comprehensive background checks
  • Compliant human resource policy and contract drafting
  • Vacation management and planning
  • Training, job-specific and health and safety
  • Insurances – defense base act, 3rd party liability, and death in service
  • Accommodation, transport, and food services
  • Country and region induction plans
  • Payroll management and reporting
  • Concierge service
  • MedEvac and emergency evacuations

Where required by the customer, we offer a full induction program to all staff. Within this induction we can offer oversight of the process of gaining relevant visas, arranging for and managing all medical checks and providing training on the latest CBRN and Personal Safety Equipment.

Each staffing solution is designed to meet each customer’s needs and are designed to guarantee that all staff arrive ready to work and positioned to add value from day one.

Staff Travel Management

Momentum Solutions recognize that every business has unique travel requirements, and because we understand the particular difficulties of arranging travel for staff within remote and hostile locations, customers can be confident that we can handle even the most demanding of requests. With an experienced Travel Management team, we deliver a Corporate Travel Service into challenging and demanding markets that leaves customers free to concentrate on core business.

This dedicated team of travel professionals will deliver measurable results providing all the guidance customers need on best practice in terms of deploying their staff around the world.