Momentum Solutions

Momentum Solutions is a private equity backed, Toronto based, inter-connected global network of leading strategic support companies. Our portfolio provides a diverse and specialized range of solutions to overcome long-term project challenges and to establish efficiencies which drive bottom-line results and a competitive advantage for customers.

Group Values

Momentum Solutions is shaped around numerous core values that enhance and sustain the vision and mission of our company, partners and people. The values therefore determine decisions and define the character of the Group.


We work in the most challenging environments in the world where our relationships, presence, resources and experience are vital to the efficient, successful, and most importantly, secure implementation of major projects which are often significant to the regional and national rehabilitation efforts.


We are proud to call some of the world’s largest governments, institutions and organisations our customers and have been serving their needs since our incorporation. Every year, we expand our reach and our operations, networking with more customers than ever before.