Freight Forwarding Services

An interconnected world requires strategic partners skilled in logistics planning, customs compliance, and distribution management. Momentum leverages its partner network to deliver agility, precision, and customer satisfaction, guaranteed.

An Innovative Suite of Services

Make Momentum your trusted partner for all your international and domestic freight and warehouse needs. Here’s how we can help through our comprehensive supply chain services:

Freight Forwarding Services

We offer complete solutions to optimize the effectiveness of your unique supply chain needs.  From Containers and Truckloads to Expedited Parcels and Specialized Cargo, our team will design tailored solutions that create efficiencies throughout all logistics sectors.


Warehousing & Distribution

Our widely spread facilities offer storage, translating and stuffing.  Our experienced warehousing workforce handles all shipments with care to lay the groundwork for efficient organization and swift access.  Whether for short or long term stays, we offer customized storage solutions.


Trucking & Intermodal

If often takes more than one mode of freight to move your cargo where it needs to go.  Momentum’s transportation solutions lower overall costs and minimize environmental impacts.  Explore our full range of easily accessible intermodal service and other ground transportation options.

End-to-end freight forwarding solutions

Whatever your cargo, we have your back

From shipping humanitarian aid to specialized cold-storage supply chains for food and beverage items, Momentum offers industry specialists to get the job done.


  • Competitive pricing to ensure you stay within budget
  • One-stop-shop for cargo needs anywhere, worldwide
  • ISO and SQAS certified

We offer competitive pricing, efficient communication, and reliable transportation solutions, meeting the highest standards of service possible. Here are examples of what we offer:

Thorough cross-border customs capabilities


Shipments must often make their way across international borders, each with their own set of challenging and confusing regulatory processes. We’ll act as your customs broker, ensuring efficient clearance and appropriate documentation at each stage.


  • Hassle-free payment of duties and taxes
  • Meticulous tracking and customs compliance at each stage
  • All touchpoints fully insured

Customized freight forwarding services that work for you


No cookie-cutter answers. Your logistics deserve personalized attention, so we’ll craft a bespoke approach keeping in mind your unique requirements such as budgets, timelines, and cargo sensitivities.


  • Combination of ocean, air, and ground shipping to maximize efficiency
  • Vast network of warehouse and storage solutions
  • Adherence to the speediest, most effective routes


Are you able to store and handle materials in additional to transporting them?

YES, our warehouses are spread around the country with storage and yard holding capabilities. All of our yards are secured and gated.
we are also able to storage reefer containers and trailers.

What areas are you serving?

We serve Canada and U.S and with the aid of our satellite offices we provide services all around the world. We are a one stop shop to provide our customers with the best possible services, everywhere.

Do you only handle containers and trailers?

While the majority of our daily transportation work consists largely of containers and trailers, we do also handle hazmat, tanks and special cargo as well.

How do I know what size of container my commodity fits in?

Our team of professionals will verify with you the necessary information required to make this decision. For example, we will need to know the dimensions of the product/CBM , if the products are loose or palletized, etc.

Once we have sufficient information we will explain your options and ensure we book the proper size container to accommodate your load while guaranteeing the lowest transportation cost.

Do you offer freight forwarding services on weekends and holidays?

YES. We work internationally, providing door to door solutions and work around the clock to avoid any delays. We stay on top of shipping costs through constant following and monitoring, 24/7.

Interested In Getting In Touch?

We are equipped to offer streamlined, full-scale, and customized solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Simply begin the process by emailing us.

For a complete overview of Momentum Solutions Freight Transport, download our capabilities brief brochure.

More information about Momentum Solutions Freight Transport can be found in this comprehensive capabilities brochure available for download.