The Momentum Experience

The Momentum Experience

We are Momentum Solutions. As industry leaders and partners of choice, we deliver innovative, custom, and full-scale solutions to help clients across the globe.

Our roster of both clients and strategic partners offers us a highly-specialized and thorough range of solutions. Whether overcoming challenges or driving results, we can help.

The Momentum Mission

As a team, we strive to be known as the global leader and preferred partner of our clients. We support the mission of our partners, through service, innovation, efficiency, and commitment.

Government & NGO

Over decades of results, we have designed and delivered urgent response solutions to the world’s most critical crises. Find out why federal and international government agencies, military, and non-profit organizations turn to us for help.


A global network of strategic partnerships with leading air carriers allows us to facilitate the highest quality of service and safety to help deliver group charter, express, and freight transport services to suit any situation or pressing need.

Global Perspectives, Local Awareness

We operate in a variety of complex environments around the globe. We work, collaborate, and build relationships that help us rehabilitate regions and nations. Ultimately, our goal is to deliver efficient, purpose-driven solutions to programs in areas of crisis without compromising safety or quality along the way.

We have a uniquely global presence in over 70 countries, while expanding into new markets every year. No matter where you are looking for solutions, we can be found.

Interested In Getting In Touch?

We are equipped to offer streamlined, full-scale, and customized solutions to meet the needs of your organization. Simply begin the process by emailing us.