Holding Feet To The Fire: Fighting PPE Fraud For Our Clients In The Covid Purchase And Transport Landscape

Apr 28, 2020 | Urgent Response

As the battle against the coronavirus pandemic rages on, Momentum has continued to play a steadying and solid role for our clients supplying charter flights to carry thousands of tonnes of personal protective equipment throughout the world using Antonov 124, 225 and Airbus 330, 340 aircrafts.

In addition to our charter services, Momentum recognized quickly the need for experienced procurement experts, specializing in the purchase and distribution of PPE from overseas markets. In a very short period of time, we experienced a deluge of panicked calls for assistance from various clients including governments and international corporations, reporting horror stories of engaging in large expenditures to purchase personal protective equipment but in the end receiving either fraudulent products, or in some cases, no product at all.

Momentum’s CEO Stephen Arbib was recently featured in The Globe and Mail to relay what we have been hearing from people and our experiences. “Its really challenging. We have a client that booked a bunch of flights and sent a plane to pick up product from South America and the plane arrived and there was no product to pick up, there was nobody to talk to. They prepaid for several flights but they never sent anybody there to inspect it.”

He went on to further advise “Its crucial for governments to ensure they have a validation service such as SGS, headquartered in Geneva, which can inspect and certify products, before taking delivery. Sure, it can add $5,000-$10,000 USD to the bill but it is worth it.”
Our teams know the market. We know what PPE items should cost, and where to get quality product cost effectively. KN95 respirator masks currently cost between $2-$4 USD, and when ordering in large quantities (as most governments are doing) the price tag is in the millions of dollars and the volume of the expenditure more than justifies the inspection costs.

Momentum will continue to work 24/7 in service of delivering ethical product and charter / freight distribution for our clients.

Read the whole story here on the Globe & Mail website


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