Momentum Contracts World’s Largest Cargo Aircraft to bring Chinese PPE to Quebec

Apr 28, 2020 | Urgent Response

In partnership with Nolinor Aviation, Momentum Solutions has contracted the world’s largest cargo aircraft, a Ukrainian Antonov AN-225 to bring a massive and much needed shipment of personal protective equipment from China for the Quebec government.

The logistics can be challenging to operate the Antonov 225.  Due to its size and weight, it is difficult to find airports capable of handling the aircraft, which weighs more than 285 tonnes and has a wingspan of more than 88 metres. For this mission, it can only pick up the cargo in the northern Chinese city of Tianjin, which is in fact the only airport in China the AN-225 can operate in and out of.

The Quebec government contracted Montreal’s Mirabel Airport based Nolinor Aviation to handle the logistics and arrangements for the PPE.  Momentum and Nolinor have enjoyed a long standing successful partnership on countless projects over the years, and we were honoured when they turned to us to assist in sourcing the right heavy lift cargo aircraft for this mission.

The AN-225 is the ideal aircraft for this flying and cargo load.  While PPE supplies tend to be light in weight, their packaging in bulky boxes means they require a lot of space for transport.  The AN-225 can carry 1,100 cubic metres, which is many times beyond what most cargo aircraft can offer in terms of capacity.

The aircraft will fly from China to Montreal’s Mirabel airport with planned arrival on the evening of Thursday April 30, 2020.

Read the whole story here on the Globe & Mail website


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