Momentum Steps Up: Taking Action To Increase Volume Sourcing And Distribution Options For Supply of PPE And N95 Masks For Canada

Apr 28, 2020 | Freight Transport, Urgent Response

Momentum Solutions Urgent Response & Freight Transport teams step up.

Upon witnessing the steadily rising uphill battle for Canadian companies in desperate need of access to PPE (N95 masks, gloves, gowns, etc) Momentum’s Urgent and Freight Teams quickly recognized the need to be proactive and take steps to assist in not only supplying the means to import the supplies to Canada, but also to source large quantities of legitimate personal protective equipment that meets Canadian government regulatory standards at a reasonable cost in an effort to fight the many companies taking advantage of the current situation to gouge those in need for personal profit.

In a recent online exchange with Canadian news outlet CTV, CEO Stephen Arbib advised “Momentum is supplying only large orders for between 20,000 and 20 million masks – sourcing some from China and others from 3M plants in Hungary, Turkey and Mexico.”

As part of our corporate citizenship and sustainability initiatives, Momentum is taking aggressive steps to ensure supplies for front line workers in our hospitals and those tackling the crisis and outbreaks in long-term care facilities are readily available cost effectively.

Momentum will continue to make access to life saving medical supplies a top priority for all companies, globally.

Read the whole story here on CTV News


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