Momentum Brings More Antonovs to Montreal

May 25, 2020 | Urgent Response

The Antonov Design Bureau (ADB) has become very familiarized with Canada’s Mirabel Airport in Montreal in the past few weeks, as Momentum has continued to steadily charter the Antonov 124 and larger sister aircraft the Antonov 225 into YMX Airport.

Mirabel Airport is serving as the primary hub in Canada for the ADB, with all inbound flights arriving to YMX from China carrying mass stores of Federal and Provincial Government PPE imports for national distribution, destined for Canada’s front line workers still battling the Coronavirus pandemic and working to crush the curve as the country slowly works towards re-opeining in government regulated phases.

Momentum has continuously coordinated the cargo charters, overseeing both loading and unloading operations in China and Montreal respectively. The landing of the impressively sized Antonovs at Mirabel continues to generate much interest for aviation fans. Momentum’s President Al Graham was on site for yesterday’s Antonov 225 arrival and spoke to TVA reporters regarding Momentum’s ongoing role in aggressively working to ensure responsible and cost effective transportation are made available for all the movements of cargo needed at this time.

Part of that challenge is assessing and allocating the right charter equipment to reflect the payload and dimensions of the cargo and ensure all available cargo space and load capacity is utilized to maximize all dollars spent on charter flights. The Antonovs continue to be the best option available globally for moving shipments of PPE from China, given their extraordinarily large cargo holds. In operating the Tianjin to Montreal route, the AN124 can carry up to 85 tons / 800m3, while the AN225 can carry 140 tons / 1000m3. PPE supplies are typically light in weight, but packaged in boxes that are large and bulky, so securing the largest available cargo bays are the key to swiftly moving supplies and offer the best amortization of the transportation cost.

Photo credits: Nolinor Aviation and TSN Handling Crew



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