Momentum Operating Dedicated Airbus 340 for Global Cargo Charters

May 28, 2020 | Urgent Response

Momentum Solutions, in partnership with Hifly Airlines, are operating a dedicated A340 passenger airplane converted to cargo, based in Montreal, Canada.

In anticipation of the potential upcoming cargo aircraft shortage, Momentum signed a contract with Hifly in Portugal early on in the coronavirus pandemic to convert available units of A340 passenger aircraft to cargo, freeing up additional space and payload capacity in the cabin in addition to the existing belly space. Offering up to 39 tons of cargo capacity, Momentum has been flying non-stop to assist governments and organizations with efficient and competitive cargo charter transportation. While the aircraft continues to operate with its currently scheduled contracts, we do have some slots available for additional charter work currently and in the upcoming weeks.

Please direct all inquiries regarding A340 availability and pricing to Momentum’s Vice President of Business Development, Vito Morriello at vm@momentumds.com .

Photo credits: Avjet YUL



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