Momentum Solutions Donates $1.5M of Medicines to Ukrainian Hospitals

Apr 8, 2022 | Urgent Response

On April 2, 2022 Momentum Solutions completed the first of several planned charitable missions in support of the people of Ukraine .

Momentum Solutions has made a $1.5M donation of medicines to various hospitals in Ukraine to support the people of Ukraine during this humanitarian crisis.

The medicines crossed the Ukrainian border by truck on April 2, 2022 and have arrived in Vinnytsia where they have been distributed to five (5) hospitals in the region, including the City Military Hospital in Kyiv, three (3) hospitals in Vinnytsia and the City Clinic Hospital of Emergency and Ambulance of Zaporizhia.

“Our spirits are with the people of Ukraine, in solidarity. We have a long history of working with the Ukrainian government and Antonov Design Bureau. Our hearts are broken by the scale of devastation and crisis in Ukraine. We know the country and its people are as strong as they come and that they will be victorious. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our Ukrainian friends,” says Stephen Arbib, CEO of Momentum Solutions.

Momentum worked in partnership with SmartAID in distributing the medicine to hospitals in Ukraine.

This donation is the first of several charitable initiatives Momentum Solutions has planned for the  affected population of Ukraine and countries in the region.

This donation of medicine follows similar donations made by Momentum to other countries including Armenia, Lebanon, Mozambique, Palestine, Syria and elsewhere in the past. 

About Momentum Solutions

Based in Toronto, Canada, Momentum Solutions is an inter-connected global network of leading strategic support companies.  As a full-scale solutions provider, Momentum is the partner of choice in the safe and effective commercial and expeditionary delivery of people, cargo and life sustaining services globally.

Momentum Solutions leverages its brands and capabilities within its active industries to some of the world’s largest publicly traded and admired companies.  Momentum’s synergistic portfolio of services in the areas of transportation, construction, housing, leasing, catering and other life sustaining services enable the engineering and execution of unparalleled commercial and urgent response solutions.

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