Momentum’s Second Round of Ukraine Donations Arrive at Hospitals and Refugee Camps

Jul 22, 2022 | Momentum Solutions, Urgent Response

July 2022 – Momentum Solutions has completed its second mission to donate medical aid and resources for refugees to the Ukrainian people.

In response to ongoing calls for help from numerous local hospitals in Ukraine, Momentum has delivered another batch of much needed supplies. Pallets of requested medicines were delivered to the Chernobyl Hospital, Illinetska District Hospital and Haysynskyi Central District Hospital last week.

Momentum has also purchased and donated three buildings housing bathrooms and showers for Ukrainians living in refugee camps in Moldova.

Momentum will continue its partnership with SmartAID to offer support and solidarity to the people of Ukraine.

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Based in Toronto, Canada, Momentum Solutions is an inter-connected global network of leading strategic support companies.  As a full-scale solutions provider, Momentum is the partner of choice in the safe and effective commercial and expeditionary delivery of people, cargo and life sustaining services globally.

Momentum Solutions leverages its brands and capabilities within its active industries to some of the world’s largest publicly traded and admired companies.  Momentum’s synergistic portfolio of services in the areas of transportation, construction, housing, leasing, catering and other life sustaining services enable the engineering and execution of unparalleled commercial and urgent response solutions.

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