Disaster Relief Architecture & Construction

We are trusted partners of federal government agencies, international non-profit organizations, and western militaries due to our expertise in providing practical and timely solutions for complex problems.

Our work is defined by our experiences across the globe. Here are our modern solutions to suit your needs:

Ability to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

Whether supplying airlift rescue for stranded military aircraft, sourcing short-term housing for survivors of the Fort McMurray wildfires, or transporting peacekeeping equipment halfway across the globe, Momentum has the necessary technical expertise and operational flexibility to ensure your projects are dealt with professionally.


  • Long-term partner for the federal emergency management agency (FEMA)
  • Capability to deliver in some of the world’s most inhospitable environments
  • Full-scale sustainment solutions including freight transport and fleet management

Quick turnaround for disaster relief construction.

Situations unfold rapidly, especially in challenging and uncertain environments. That’s why we are always ready, with all hands on deck to charter equipment, build runways, or deploy mobile kitchens to feed and house your staff.


  • We set up communication systems, laundry facilities, water supplies, and more
  • Our threat assessment team will keep a pulse on the situation as it unfolds in real-time
  • We maintain superior communication flows and transparency

Access to global network of strategic support companies

When we say we’re global, we mean it. We’ve fulfilled projects in Niger, South Sudan, Puerto Rico, Northern Canada, and other harsh and unwelcoming environments. That’s why we offer our clients a fully-customizable suite of services that’s streamlined end-to-end to ensure complete satisfaction.


  • Assisted on $1 billion+ worth of disaster relief projects in security, infrastructure, logistics, and more
  • Superior 25-year track record delivering exceptional value and first-rate results
  • Unparalleled ability to respond to requests spanning multiple continents
Case Study

Fort McMurray Wildfire – Emergency Short Term Housing & Catering Support

Brief: May through July 2016 wildfires swept through Fort McMurray Alberta, leading to the largest wildfire evacuation in Alberta’s history, with over 80,000 people displaced from their homes and an estimated 2400 homes and buildings decimated.  A major Canadian bank and insurance supplier contracted Momentum to assist with short term housing solutions and meals on short notice.

Solution: Momentum was requested to source short term hotel and apartment housing and provision meals for a large contingent of displaced evacuees.

Result: We supplied over 100+ housing units with full amenities, internet and utilities alongside meals for all residents for a period of 30 days in May and June of 2016.

An Innovative Suite of Services

With a well-established footprint in across 70+ countries, we can assist with the facilitation of rapid passenger charters, quick equipment and labor transfers, short and long-term housing solutions, catering needs, and intricate construction requirements.

Passenger Charters

From militaries to governments and NGOs, our team has successfully managed passenger charters during disasters and wars. Our experience and industry relationships allow us to provide customers with impactful support.

Air Cargo Charters

Regardless of the environment, we provide specialized skills to help facilitate the safe travel of air cargo. Our team has built relationships with trusted carriers and partners, to help ensure your cargo arrives safely and on your terms.

Construction & Infrastructure

We have delivered fully-compliant construction works and services specializing in the design, development, and maintenance of base camps, roads, runways, hospitals, short- and long-term accommodations, and more.


A leader in the field of renovation and maintenance of different types of properties, we craft customized projects, using an advanced engineering system to coordinate activities while ensuring quality. We also source and supply existing short and long term housing solutions globally within 24 hours when needed.

Equipment Leasing & Labour Force

A comprehensive service to handle all aspects of staffing – including identifying, deploying, and more. Our solutions result in reductions to operational costs, with equipment leasing to ensure our workforces are prepared.

Fleet & Aircraft Management

Our seasoned team offers the industry knowledge and network to assist aircraft owners and operators with bespoke aircraft leasing opportunities to maximize fleet flexibility.

Life Support Supply

Our emphasis is on quality of life. This includes food, water supply, and storage, catering and dining, base camp/facility maintenance, communication systems, fuel storage, laundry services, and more.


From well-balanced rations to state banquets, we are experts at preparing safe and nutritious meals in challenging environments. Equipped with deployable mobile kitchens, we can follow forces into hard-to-access settings.

Retail & Duty Free

Our world-leading U.N., NATO, and general duty-free operations span over 40 regions in 15 different countries. We can sell a wide variety of products with over 4,000 line items using a streamlined and effective system.

Security Project Management

Our track record and consultancy efforts have established an approach to mitigate threats of all kinds. We offer intelligence lead advice, threat assessment, strategy, policy, and more.

Freight Transport

We specialize in supporting time-sensitive requirements in non-permissive and hostile environments. Regardless of the situation, our freight transport services ensure that your cargo arrives on time (and safely).

Expeditionary Contingency Emergency Response

Our synergy of emergency life sustaining services and resources enable us to engineer and execute immediate and unparalleled urgent response solutions anywhere in the world. There’s no locale too remote, no challenge too severe. We go where help is needed.

Our partners in service

We have built an esteemed roster of partners, ranging from the world’s largest governments to a selection of organizations and institutions. Moreover, we are continuously expanding that reach to offer services currently lacking in conflict and peace-building regions.

That includes coordinating, developing, managing, or advising on over $1 billion worth of the world’s most ambitious security, infrastructure, development, procurement, and logistics contracts. As an agile team, we make a difference every day.

Supporting our clients around the globe

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