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Experts in Global Air Charter

No job is too complex or challenging. We offer a wide array of customizable charter flights services and maintain the highest service delivery standards.  Within our charter portfolio we offer:

Passenger Charters

Our work is defined by our customers and their satisfaction. Here is how we have helped them with effective solutions to meet their needs:

Air charter Services Atlanta —

Corporations and non-profit organizations along with individuals and travel groups travelling to and from Atlanta choose Momentum Solutions as their preferred air charter company.

We service all the civilian airports across the globe, providing professional air charter services to all world capitals, financial hubs, and popular leisure destinations.

Our company has more than two decades of operational experience, which guarantees that you get comfortable experience with our air charters.

Transparent pricing with no hidden charges —

You need not worry about hidden charges for navigation, fuel, or airport landing fees when choosing to board one of our Atlanta air charter flights.

We quote you a flat price that covers all the expenses you can expect for air travel services with no hidden fees and contract clauses.

Momentum gives you preferential pricing as we have built and maintain industry relationships enabling us to lower the cost of an Atlanta aircraft charter below the market average.

When you book with us, you receive a transparent price quote for your air travel.

Customizable packages to suit your requirements —

Momentum’s Atlanta air charter flights offer a personalized air travel experience for you and for your family or colleagues. Our travel specialists can provide you with a custom offer that covers the smallest details, including a meal that suits your personal diet.

By boarding one of our Atlanta air charter flights, you also get:

  • Varied inflight meals and beverages, including food options for people with specific dietary regime
  • Services provided by our industry-certified cabin crew with experience on national and international flights
  • A list of high-rated movies to watch during long haul flights and other entertainment options
End-to-End Support —

Momentum operates proprietary dispatch centers and radar systems to make your air charter flight as secure and faster as possible.

We make sure we provide you with the fastest and most reliable air charter service available by monitoring real time operations such as flight check-in, catering, fueling, and baggage loading.

You will get continuous updates on the status of the flight after your Atlanta air charter is in the air.

What it means is that you can rely on us to:

  • Take care of and monitor all the operations that accompany a charter flight
  • Deliver a fast and safe service, taking advantage of our proprietary dispatch and radar systems
  • Respond to any of your questions or queries 24/7


What is the difference between a scheduled commercial flight and a charter flight?

A charter flight is private and as such we can completely customize your experience to your requirements and specific preferences. On the other hand, a scheduled commercial flight is public, operates within a fixed time schedule, and offers standardized travel conditions.

Our Atlanta air charter flights enable you to select and customize flight details such as the type of preferred aircraft, departure times, and routing. You can also set specific baggage allowance and packing rules on a charter flight.

Momentum enables you to specify your custom inflight services and personalized catering. Your Atlanta aircraft charter will adjust to your personal requirements such as taking off at a time specified by you and flying directly to your final destination.

What are the benefits of using an air charter broker?

The greatest advantage of operating as an air charter broker such as Momentum is that we have the ability to bring in the resources of other airlines across the world and get better pricing on our Atlanta air charters.

This way we can serve you at any time and at any location across the globe.

We are well versed in drafting and concluding air charter contracts that best meet your needs and requirements, providing you with all the requisite contract clauses and insurances.

We take care of all the flight-planning activities to make your air charter experience as smooth as possible.

How far in advance so I need to book my charter flight?

We operate 24/7, which in turn means that you can contact us anytime. Nonetheless, you should bear in mind that preparing your Atlanta aircraft charter would take between 12 and 24 hours to complete, so contact us in advance to avoid any rush at the last moment.

Contacting us ahead of time also allows us to provide you with the best quote for your air charter flight.

How do I book a charter flight?

You need to provide us with basic details such as:

  • Intended date(s) of travel,
  • The route(s) you would like to fly
  • The number of passengers

You are advised to send along also preferences about the departure times as well as your inflight service requirements.

Which airports can I fly to?

You can decide to make a charter flight to and from any civil airport across the globe. Our professional experience includes flights to and from military airports for our clients representing the Canadian and U.S. governments.

Here are some popular cities that our clients frequently charter flights to and from:

United States Canada
  • New York
    • New York City (NYC)
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Phoenix
  • Houston
  • Philadelphia
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Las Vegas

Is there a maximum group size for a charter aircraft?

We operate a fleet that suits the needs small and large groups alike. Our largest aircraft can service up to 600 passengers.

What type of planes do you use for aircraft charter?

Momentum’s fleet of aircraft includes both fixed and rotary wing airplanes. Our fleet includes models such as:

  • Short and long range jet and turbo prop passenger airplanes
  • Short and long range cargo airplanes
  • Business and executive jet aircraft
  • Commercial and cargo copters

An Innovative Suite of Services

We offer a wide array of customizable air charter solutions to assist our clients and maintain the highest of service delivery standards. Within our commercial charter portfolio we offer:

Passenger Charters

For clients arranging travel by group charter for commercial purposes whether business, leisure, VIP or otherwise, our experience and industry relationships enable us to provide our customers with the ideal aircraft to meet their needs – no matter their group size or destination.

Air Cargo Charters

Our team has played a pivotal role in hundreds of successful missions, ensuring the safe shipment and delivery of air cargo of all kinds. We have extensive experience managing many different needs and types of cargo.


Fleet & Aircraft Management

Our seasoned team offers the industry knowledge and network to assist aircraft owners and operators with bespoke aircraft leasing opportunities to maximize fleet flexibility.



Our flight kitchens are experienced in the preparation of a wide range of customized menu options including VIP, Kosher, Halal, vegetarian, vegan and more. Each inflight dining experience is unique, and we focus on serving nutritious, safe and delicious food to every passenger.


Retail & Duty Free

We have built a proprietary system that allows users access to over 4,000 line items, including fragrance, wine and spirits, skincare, cosmetics, confectionary and more. We provide access to meet every customer’s potential need.

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