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Experts in Global Air Charter

No job is too complex or challenging. We offer a wide array of customizable charter flights services and maintain the highest service delivery standards.  Within our charter portfolio we offer:

Passenger Charters

Our work is defined by our customers and their satisfaction. Here is how we have helped them with effective solutions to meet their needs:

Air charter Services Miami —

Momentum Solutions is servicing many of the leading global corporations and not-for-profit organizations as well as government agencies and individuals through its renowned Miami air charter flights.

We provide reliable and professional air charters, which offer incomparable travel experience as Momentum has more than twenty years in the business of charter flights.

Our Miami air charters fly to any civilian airport across the world, and we have experience with flying into military airports as we service governments as well.

Transparent pricing with no hidden charges —

Our air charter service takes care of all the charges associated with your flight, such as airport landing fees, fuel charges, and taxes.

You will not be surprised by any hidden fees in your air charter contract.

We quote you an all-inclusive price that is final and relieve you of all the burdensome tasks related to organizing a charter flight.

Momentum can offer you the most competitive pricing for Miami aircraft charters as we have established relationships across the industry on a global scale.

Customizable packages to suit your requirements —

Momentum is the right choice of a Miami air charter company if you are looking for personalized air travel experience – no matter how many people are in your travel party.

One of our travel experts will draft a custom air charter offer for you, including personalized in-flight food and beverages that meet the requirements of any specific dietary regime.

All of our cabin crew professionals have extensive experience with air charter flights and hold the required industry certifications needed to make your trip as pleasant as possible.

We offer you top-rated movies and other entertainment options during long-distance flights while enjoying your custom in-flight menu.

End-to-End Support —

Our Miami air charters aim at delivering the smoothest and most secure air travel experience possible.

We operate a network of proprietary dispatch centers and radar stations, which enables us to monitor crucial operations like air charter check-in, baggage loading, and fueling in real-time. This attention to detail allows us to take off and land on time.

During the flight, you will get continuous updates on your flight status while our radar systems track the air charter flight from departure to a safe landing at your destination airport.

You can contact our air charter specialists 24/7 if you have any specific queries concerning your flight.


What is the difference between a scheduled commercial flight and a charter flight?

A charter flight departs at a time specified by you and in accordance with specific conditions you set in advance.

Air charter flight customizations cover a variety of specific details such as your preferred airplane type, routing, and departure times. You can also set your own rules for baggage allowance and packing. The inflight catering service is completely customizable to your preferences and dietary requirements.

What are the benefits of using an air charter broker?

Momentum, the Miami air charter company of choice, operates as a charter broker, enabling us to give you the best pricing available in the market. We work directly with multiple airlines all over the world to source the right aircraft for your flight.

You also get full insurance coverage and get the best terms and conditions, based on our extensive experience in contracting air charter flights.

We plan your flight to the smallest detail, including manifest compilations and day of departure designs.

How far in advance so I need to book my charter flight?

We strongly advise you to contact us about your air charter in Miami in advance, so we can give you the best price possible.

You can contact us 24/7 to book an air charter. We can organize the flight within 12 to 24 hours after we have received your booking order.

In the meantime, we are available for further air charter customizations.

How do I book a charter flight?

You need to provide our Miami air charter experts with the following initial info:

  • Dates of departures from or to Miami
  • Your intended route
  • Number of passengers
  • Any specific inflight requirements

Once we have that info, we provide you with a custom quote for your flight.

Which airports can I fly to?

You and your group of passengers can select to fly to any civil airport across the globe.

We also have experience with landing at military airports, as we have Canadian and U.S. government agencies as our clients.


Here are some popular cities that our clients frequently charter flights to and from:

United States Canada
  • New York
    • New York City (NYC)
  • Los Angeles
  • San Francisco
  • Chicago
  • Phoenix
  • Houston
  • Philadelphia
  • Dallas
  • Atlanta
  • Miami
  • Las Vegas

Is there a maximum group size for a charter aircraft?

We can fly as many as 500 passengers on one of our largest aircraft, but we also operate smaller turboprop and jet airplanes for individual travel or small travel groups.

What type of planes do you use for aircraft charter?

Momentum can offer you a wide selection of fixed and rotary wing air transport choices.

You can select between short and long-range jet and turboprop passenger and cargo aircraft.

An Innovative Suite of Services

We offer a wide array of customizable air charter solutions to assist our clients and maintain the highest of service delivery standards. Within our commercial charter portfolio we offer:

Passenger Charters

For clients arranging travel by group charter for commercial purposes whether business, leisure, VIP or otherwise, our experience and industry relationships enable us to provide our customers with the ideal aircraft to meet their needs – no matter their group size or destination.

Air Cargo Charters

Our team has played a pivotal role in hundreds of successful missions, ensuring the safe shipment and delivery of air cargo of all kinds. We have extensive experience managing many different needs and types of cargo.


Fleet & Aircraft Management

Our seasoned team offers the industry knowledge and network to assist aircraft owners and operators with bespoke aircraft leasing opportunities to maximize fleet flexibility.



Our flight kitchens are experienced in the preparation of a wide range of customized menu options including VIP, Kosher, Halal, vegetarian, vegan and more. Each inflight dining experience is unique, and we focus on serving nutritious, safe and delicious food to every passenger.


Retail & Duty Free

We have built a proprietary system that allows users access to over 4,000 line items, including fragrance, wine and spirits, skincare, cosmetics, confectionary and more. We provide access to meet every customer’s potential need.

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